Josefine is a Danish illustrator and comic artist and a graduate in Graphic Storytelling at the Animation Workshop, Viborg.

As an artist, Josefine has an affinity for everything dark and mysterious, strange and grotesque and overall magical. 

With interests like video games, D&D and mathcore, she is also a massive nerd.

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I'm Josefine Overbeck

Comic artist, concept artist and illustrator


I have experience working with:
Clip Studio Paint

Adobe After Effects
All sorts of traditional drawing materials


I went to (latest to earliest):
The Animation Workshop (Bachelor in Graphic Storytelling)
Tech College, Aalborg (The Digital Media program)

Engelsholm Højskole (The art and painting program)
Silkeborg Højskole (The art and painting program)
Vejle Art- and Design School
VUC KRÆS, fredericia (creative HF)
Højer Design Efterskole


Please contact me if you have any questions or if you want to hire me!